16th Edition: 7-9 July 2006

200 years since the Battle of Jena and Auerstedt – and time to deal with an archenemy once again. And so, to the Country in Focus - France. It was high-caliber wherever your ears were pricked. NoJazz on the Neumarkt stage were incredibly loud and elsewhere…Babylon Circus, a veritable bagad (from Roñsed-Mor), Françoiz Breut, La Chavannée, Primitifs du Futur or Titi Robin - oh la la! The Bagpipes were also too loud for many. Others loved them. That is why the audience at the magic concert parted ways before its end.


What is the case during the festival with the interactive dance? Some dance freaks don’t attend a single concert, jumping only from dance to dance and are happy hobbling home after the festival with swollen feet. Now the Tango, dance of the year 2006, is maybe not so hard on the knuckles as other dances, but there’s plenty of puff in it.


The Ruth award went to Konstantin Wecker for her Baghdad-Kabul-project, to Rüdiger Oppermann for his annual World Music Festival caravan tour, and to the Ohrbooten and the Duo Bögeholz & Mosalini. The honorary award went to Dr. Hartmut Franz, the former Mayor of Rudolstadt, who had passed the baton to his successor Jörg Reichel just before the 16th TFF and was a festival fan from its first hour. Bellowhead, the Bajofondo Tango Club and  Suden Aika were among the most talked about artists afterwards.


Here I have exactly my audience: open, interested in history, culture, for things made of wood, and that's why I'm doing good business. (Winfried Meyer, "Kreisel man from the Ore Mountains")

The painful overlaps are strictly method, explained Petra Rottschalk, the festival director.

Rudolstadt teaches us to understand how much you miss in life! ( Christoph Dieckmann, Folker)