No. 11: 6-8 July 2001

The first event for Festival 2001 was a special concert for our "silver wedding" anniversary. In November 2000, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Liederjan (West) and in January 2001 Folklander/Bierfiedler (East). We let them live the highlife again with many national and international guests in a large concert on the eve of the festival (for clippings on DVD view Heideck HD20021). The adjoining Festival had a Country Focus on the less known Antilles and the Clarinet was the Magic instrument (the concert's on CD on Magic Clarinet, NoEthno 1005-7). The German regional focus fell on Bayern, the Revue Bayern unfortunately sank in continuous rain at the beginning but there were other concerts (from the Tiger Willi, for example) that were not flooded.


The mixture went far beyond the traditional lederhosen and hat, making the regional focus a real enrichment of Tanz & FolkFest (Thomas Spaniards Ostthüringer Zeitung)

And back to the weather: A request from Sender Yerevan: What if you would move the Rudolstädter Dance and Folk Festival forward a week? Answer: Then it would rain in Thuringia seven days later. (Frank Quilitzsch, Thuringian newspaper).

Not all projects that the festival team make work out. The films that were shown 2000 CinePlaza were very poorly visited, and, unfortunately, the workshop week presented at the 2001 festival did not have the reception that we had hoped for.

Frauke Adrians noted in the Thüringer Allgemeine: In Rudolstadt everything goes – it’s a wonderful and relaxing festival.


That’s right but only partially. Who is likely, however, to go along with that for sure is the manager of the Australian band Naked Raven: The concert in the town church sold an incredible 800 CDs – they hadn’t brought anymore with them…