No. 18: 4-6 July 2008

There’s a first time for everything: at the beginning of the special concert on Thursday it began to rain and didn’t stop until ten minutes after the end. Salsa in the rain. Neither musicians nor the audience found it funny but both tried valiantly to make the best of the situation. But more was achieved on the three days following since the sun was mainly shining. Country in Focus was Israel. The musicians were pleasantly surprised to be able to move without special security measures - a normal case that is often denied them. Not only that but Summed Dubi Lenz, a journalist from Tel-Aviv, at the end of the festival said: I am very impressed by the audience here in Rudolstadt. So professional and focused. I hope you know to appreciate this.

Dance of the year was Rock'n'Roll, Angela Merkel wrote the Foreword (without any substantive or financial consequences), with a view to reviving the focus to the Sachsen region.

Bobo, Sarband, Embryo and Christoph Borkowsky Akbar received the RUTH Awards.


Strom & Wasser released the recording of their concert on CD, and the closing concert at the Heidecksburg castle (with the Fanfare Ciocarlia and their project Gypsy Queens & Kings) was bursting at the seams. The Magic instrument was the frame drum, and it was the first time the Thuringian Symphony Saalfeld-Rudolstadt played at a TFF. They played in a concert with Palestinian singer Amal Murkus, and for all involved, it was not just a simple ‘constellation’. This worked wonderfully as the orchestra has since secured a place in the TFF program.


Rudolstadt, I will come again, and may the way be ever so far. (Günther from Trier, Internet forum)

World Music is made in Rudolstadt. The German soul may well spread their wings and swing out globally. (Eckhard Fuhr, global online)