No. 17: 6-8 July 2007

Never have so many artists provided for the Country in Focus. There were more than 15 names on the bill for the United States of America! From Country and Folk singer-songwriters to jazz and experimental music forms. Out of necessity, we made an exception for Laurie Anderson who could only come to Rudolstadt on Sunday. So for the first time there was a final concert after the final concert at 10pm in the Heidecksburg. The concerts on Sunday afternoon were accordingly restructured so that an attractive offer was made for the audience to stay, and stay it did: It was brimming on the market square, as Laurie Anderson began her Homeland set.


The magical instrument jostled between Hammond organ and accordion, and you had to queue up for the dance of the year: the Polonaise.


Serious changes were made to the RUTH Award: The Promoter MDR Figaro and TFF Rudolstadt peacefully separated with PROFOLK. Parallel to this development was the creation of a new, biennial competition, aimed at musicians in the region titled the Creole award. To avoid confusion, RUTH renounced their Newcomer Prize, and awarded two honorary prizes - each one for the musical and non-musical lifework of an artist. The 2007 prizewinners were Achim Reichel, Etta Scollo, Charlie Mariano and Mike Kamp. Included among the concert highlights was the stunning tribute to the Sufi mystic Rumi, the performances by Rainald Grebe, Den Strottern and Moderna Tradição.

For Czech musicians Rudolstadt is legendary. (Petr Dorůžka, journalist from Prague)

The fact that you came here together, the world has received more hope in the last three days!(Benjamim Taubkin, Moderna Tradição)