The appearance of the festival: mutable and constant

The success of popular events (vulgo: Events) usually depends on how smoothly they are able to adapt the agile spirit. A dictum, which the TFF has been denied in many ways –is particularly evident in its visual appearance. From the 1st edition the artwork of the festival has had a certain, pronounced handwritten aesthetic, which is now a unique feature - in addition to some other facets. Not one poster, or even a single stage design, not a CD cover or t-shirt, or even a banner in the pedestrian zone has remained in 20 years TFF without clear individual touch. The face of the festival is thus an extremely personal one. One would think, the utterly anachronistic allows an attention to detail that the hurried glance does not reveal, a bawdy humor and subtle irony and on top of that the closure of superficial beauty. The designer team led by Juergen B. Wolff, Gabi Lattke and Ulrike Triebel presents their work at the service of the festival and to the artists who perform, not with meaningless "decorations", but with works of their own artistic weight. Each new Country in Focus and each new Magic instrument sprouting an abundance of ideas and ever-new visual impulses. The art of the designer delivers decisively the identity of the TFF - with variability in its continuity.

Wolfram Böhme

The graphic artists visit the Leipzig Zoological Garden (2008)

at the front and from left: Jürgen, Katja, Yvonne, Birgit, Heide, Myriam – further back Ulrike, Uwe, Sibylle, Stephan, Micha, Gabi, Ilka, Sebastian (Foto Silvia Hauptmann)