Overnight Stay

The available hotel rooms, guesthouses and apartments in Rudolstadt are already taken.


Central Festival campsite "Große Wiese" (about 1 km from the train station)
The main campsite has toilets, showers, breakfast and coffee facilities. Due to safety reasons cars and tents are separated here. Please note the adjacent rules.
One Combo Ticket Campsite (Kombikarte Zeltplatz) is needed per person.
Directions are signposted (Festival Logo + campsite symbol). The campsite can only be approached from the west.
Destination address for the SatNav is MACHELEIDSTRASSE.
The parking fee is payable on arrival at €25 per vehicle.

Opening hours
Camping at the Freibad (800 m from the station)
Toilets, showers and the outdoor swimming pool are available for campers at this campsite. The operator adds an additional charge of between 4-11 euros for use of the pool and its facilities depending on the duration of stay.
One Combo Ticket Campsite (Kombikarte Zeltplatz) is needed per person.
Parking is possible only outside the site. The parking fee is 25 €. Please note: The outdoor pool provides the least amount of space and is occupied in a very short time.

Opening hours
Camp at the "Erlebnisbad SAALEMAXX" (about 3 km from the station)
Toilets, showers and the Saalemaxx water park itself are available for campers at this campsite. Access is included in the ticket price.
One Combo Ticket SAALEMAXX Campsite is needed per person. The site is just outside the festival, but is easily accessible by shuttle bus.
Vehicles of campers will be allocated a parking space. The parking fee is 25 €. Directions are signposted (campsite Saalemaxx). Destination address for SatNav: 6 Hugo Trinckler Street.

Opening hours

Caravan Site

One Caravan Combo Ticket per person is mandatory at this campsite.

A caravan is defined as a camper van or a camper trailer with a fixed electrical connection (230V-Adapter is needed) or a total weight exceeding 2.8 tonnes and a total length (without the towing vehicle) of no more than 8 metres.
Visitors with vehicles which do not meet these requirements should book a Campsite Combo Ticket (‘Kombikarte Zeltplatz’). People buying multiple tickets must ensure that all ticket holders’ vehicles meet the above specification. Vehicles which do not will be redirected to the campsite.

Alongside each camper van or trailer, sufficient room for a two-person tent or an adequate shared area will be provided. Towing vehicles are to be parked in the nearby car park. A €25 parking fee will be charged for each vehicle on entry. We’re sorry, but particular caravan plots cannot be reserved.

A parking fee of 50 € per Caravan / weekend will be charged on site.
This ticket includes a power supply and can accommodate a caravan with awning or a caravan with a small tent. (Max. 2 person tent)
Destination address for SatNav: Röntgenstraße

Opening hours

Communtity Accommodation

The property is located in the Drei-Felder Hall of the Schiller School in Rudolstadt. At night you need your own sleeping bag, a sleeping mat and the Community Accommodation Ticket.
In this accommodation in particular, please respect other visitors’ desire for a good night’s sleep!

Opening hours

Tent Service

At the "Große Wiese" site there is a “My tent is up” / ”Mein Zelt steht schon” option for campers. The service is intended for visitors without their own camping equipment. Please note: "My tent is up" rents only the tent and accessories. For the use of the square you will still need a camping ticket.


- Tent and Caravan park tickets are only available in advance online
- Places are allocated on site, reservations are not possible
- Open fires are not permitted on any of the sites
- Opening times of all sites