No. 6: 5-7 July 1996

At the opening, President Roman Herzog gave the honor. In the marketplace he spoke to the media’s conscience: Dance and Folk groups from more than 30 nations and from all five continents are gathered in Rudolstadt. They all make a distinctive contribution to this colorful and cheerful meeting of cultures. It would only be fair if that is duly represented by the media. However, topic number 1 in 1996 was the weather. So far, the festival has been very lucky but this year proved different: Thunderous downpours moved over the city, the Bierfiedler played a legendary storm concert, and we had trouble escorting "barefoot diva" Cesaria Evora on the slippery wooden ramp of the stage in the castle park (because the courtyard of the Heidecksburg since 1995 was being remodeled). Frank Quilitzsch from the Thuringian newspaper said: But 50,000 people had lots of fun under hoods and umbrellas and did not grieve, they danced and danced – whether barefoot or in rubber boots. The weather was even impressive for the Country in focus Hungary: Muzsikás. 'Bartók experienced their first time outside of Budapest and Vujicsics played a fantastic concert in the theater; In addition, Co-Producer Csaba Lökös had organized a superb craft market. The Magic instrument Hackbrett or Hammered Dulcimer suffered from the humidity in Heinepark when none of the strings stayed true, but it will be remembered because of the Iranian Santoor Grandmaster Faramaz Payvar at the beginning of rehearsals took some time to clean the instruments of his colleagues: respect for instruments is reflected in different cultures in different ways.


Rudolstadt is when a young music lover in a black leather jacket, taps his foot to Tante Irmgard-Schrummelmusik and says Groovy!(Grit Lemke, Leipziger Volkszeitung).