No. 15: 1-3 July 2005

The ear wishes to hear a little by listening, but leisure is prohibited by the ‘Leistungsrudolstädter’, Christoph Dieckmann observed in an essay for TFF Rudolstadt in 2005. Often this law to listen is enforced by a TFFer. On the other hand: Drifting is a distinguished festivalgoer’s duty and elaborate plans are regarded as disruptive. On Thursday, the choice is so low since there is only one Special concert. Who in 2005 went to the castle, enjoyed the beautiful concert of the Chieftains with Gaelic guests and Carlos Nuñez and his band and Marianne Faithfull, who gave a great concert the following day at the same place. Dieckmann commented further: Every year the Rudolstadt dilemma is that you can not fully complete the TFF cornucopia. Ranarim from Sweden pleased him, as well as Jonianet from Albania. Even Miquel Gil from Spain and the first timers Lo Cor de la Plana, a polyphonic sextet from Marseille, were very worldly and full of metaphysics. Other tempers have certainly enjoyed the Country in Focus Brazil, the hippie jamming of Tri Continental or the RUTH prize winners: Die Biermösl Blosn, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Malbrook, the Nomad Sound System and Tango Crash (the honorary RUTH went to Dr. Jan Reichow from WDR). A symposium was given again (together with the corresponding CD in the program), for the 100th birthday of Wolfgang Steinitz. And to complete this: the magical instrument was the Electric guitar, and Dance of the year was the Polka.


It's as if the music would take over the thousands, possess their worlds quite straightforwardly and playfully. Here ... lives suddenly seemingly by its own accord a piece of the future in the present. In this sense, the TFF has always been ‘political’, (Matthias Zwarg, Free Press)

Three happy days and the conclusion: Life is beautiful!(Internet-forum communication by Moni)