No. 2: 3-5 July 1992

There is speculation, but with some justification: Without the participation of ARD (radio) stations the festival can hardly go its own way. But in the early 90’s mandate, ARD had to report to the new federal states what their participation was and reporting from the Tanz&Folk Festival facilitated enormously beyond musical interest. In 1992 it was now decided by Dr. Jan Reichow, head of WDR department for folk music, that its annual Folk Festival, the only regular TV program with this kind of music, was to relocate to the Heidecksburg. With us were: Baba Yaga (RUS / HUN / GRB), Ira Bernstein & Evo Bluestein (USA), Broadlahn (AUT), Teresa de Sio (ITA), Maria Krupowies (LAT), Okuta Percussion (NIG / OFF / GER) and Zap Mama (CON / BEL). In 1992 there was supposed to be no festival: A biennial festival “Dem Rhythmus der alten Tanzfest” had been planned. But Mayor Dr. Hartmut Franz had already anticipated it in the final press conference of 1991: If I have my way, the 'Tanz & FolkFest’ will take place now rather than in a year. If one wanted to be the prophecy of the music sheet date (Rudolstadt has the unexpected chance to become an institution of European importance), there remained little choice. The City Council joined the argument and so there became an annual festival. Offered in this 1992 novelty was the Heidecksburg as a venue and a talent competition for young musicians (winner: the Baba Jam Band before hailstorms & Elfenreigen and Nok), an emphasis on the music of the India, a Fairport Convention reunion for their 25th anniversary and a magic concert for the violin.


For me, a visit to the TFF '92 was the first stay in the new region. The reunification gave me a lot of pages and problems and probably spawned more understanding when it achieved substantial media coverage. (Visitor’s letter to the city council).