Line up 2022: Light in Babylon


Front woman Michal Elia Kamal sings in Hebrew, Turkish and also Farsi, even though she has never been to Iran. But it is the place where part of her Jewish family has its roots. Michal herself was born in Israel and is therefore not allowed to enter Iran.

In Istanbul she founded -together with guitarist Julien Demarque from France and Turkish santur player Metehan Çiftçi- a trio which in the beginning mainly performed cover songs. As soon as they developed their own style with original compositions and traditional material it became clear that something quite special is happening here. Songlines Magazine enthusiastically writes about Light in Babylon: „No fake Orientalism or Chilled-out lounge sounds are to be heard from this strong band, which today represent some of the best music coming out of the east of the Mediterranean...“

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