Line up 2022: Brushy One String and Lakha Khan


Musicians like them do not stop too often on planet earth: Brushy One String and Lakha Khan. The first one –as his name reveals- uses only one string on his instrument, the second not less than 27. Both are magic in their very own way.

Brushy One String from Jamaica twangs the single string on his acoustic guitar with all the heart, blues, energy, and inspiration one can ever be capable of. Not less admirable is his rich and soulful voice. The instrument’s body is his percussion set beating a simple and infectious rhythm. As Bob Boilen puts it on NPR „That's the beauty of Brushy One String: It's all essence, and everything's essential.“

Lakha Khan is the veteran master of the 27-stringed sindhi sarangi. There is an aura of dedication and inner peace around Lakha Khan. The over 70-year old belongs to the Manganiyar community, an ancient musical caste from Rajasthan in the north of India. Since he was twelve he has absorbed and embraced a repertoire, that straddles both the classical and folk domains. And there is probably no one else who can master it on the complex instrument with so much artistry. Lakha Khan performs his songs in several languages including Hindi, Marwari, Sindhi and Punjabi. He will be accompanied by his son Dane Khan on the dholak - the double headed Indian folk drum.

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