Line up 2019: Somos Guerreras!


„Being a woman in Central America means to live in a permanent war.“ In one sentence Rebeca Lane gets to the heart of the driving force for this project. To stand up against such miserable conditions is a musical, a political and a personal concern for these three artists from Guatemala, Mexico and Costa Rica. In Europe Rebeca Lane might be the most well-known of them, but Audry Funk and Nakury also belong to the leading female MCs in the Spanish-speaking world. „Somos Guerreras!“ (We are warriors) is their common musical project and a fierce challenge to a deep-rooted lack of equality and traditional machismo. They do not only give a good stir to the regional hip-hop scene, but beyond the concert stage all of them work with kids or teenagers, are social workers in ghettos, sort of, and understand hip-hop as a way of self-empowerment, and a way of educational work.

Rebeca Lane

Audry Funk


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