Line up 2019: Small Island Big Song

A very exceptional encounter with indigenous musicians sharing an ancient seafaring ancestry: 5000 years ago in Taiwan their ancestors pushed their boats out into an open horizon and laid the foundation for the Austronesian language group spreading from Taiwan to New Zealand, from Rapa Nui to Madagascar. Small Island Big Song brings into focus the precious and fragile island cultures which are facing devastating consequences of climate change and could be among the first to be wiped out by it. Producer BaoBao Chen and filmmaker Tim Cole initiated the project and visited 16 island countries across the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They recorded traditional and contemporary songs with more than 100 indigenous musicians to create a songline uniting and sharing their cultural knowledge. Some of the artists are now coming to Rudolstadt for a musical performance and a workshop. They will be celebrating community, bring enlightening music and a call for awareness. 

Small Island Big Song

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