Line up 2019: Ranky Tanky


Whatever happens here comes with a gut feeling and still with strong artistic mind and skills: Spirituals and gutbucket blues that mark the low country mainland and Sea Islands, South Carolina enriched with large doses of jazz, gospel, funk, and R&B. Ranky Tanky do have power, soul and are „gifted musicians“ (songlines). They bring to life songs of the Gullah culture, a word that means “a people blessed by God.” Gullah is a self-contained culture of descendants of enslaved West Africans that developed on the South Carolina coast. It comes with its own dialect, food traditions and spirit. Ranky Tanky are the thrilling soundtrack for that and „can take tunes from yesterday and make them sound as lively and relevant as 21st-century electronic beats.“ (Downbeat)

Ranky Tanky

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