Line up 2019: Ayça Miraç


She grew up in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, but Istanbul has always been important for Ayça Miraç and her music. A place of yearning where she spent most of her summer holidays with her parents. Her father is a Turkish poet. But it is also her heartfelt wish to preserve the dying culture of her ancestors on the maternal side, the Laz people, a caucasian minority rooted along the Black Sea Coast of Turkey and Georgia. The intimate connection of these different traditions gives a particular aura to her concerts. But even more: The jazz musician opens up a musical landscape to us that has rarely been heard before and at the same time sounds very modern. It’s built on Caucasian songs, Ayça’s favorite, newly arranged Bill Evans title, own compositions which appear in an impressionistic manner. There is no suitable comparism for Ayça Miraç’s music, but she has chosen her own name for it: Lazjazz, like her debut album published last autumn.

Ayça Miraç

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