Important tips for travelling by car/caravan

by Petra Rieß

For all guests WITHOUT a parking card for one of the festival campsites, the only option is to park in the parking lots outside and the shuttle parking lots

Please do not try to drive up to the caravan or tent site to unload - you will be turned away beforehand by controls. You will also cause congestion and annoyance among the other arriving guests.

If you have a parking card AND the corresponding combined ticket, we recommend that you no longer drive according to the navigation system on the main arrival days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Rudolstadt, but follow the festival signs. The information on your tickets (Z1 to Z3 and C1 to C3) and the signposted routes are, of course, identical and serve to ease the burden during the main arrival period.

To ensure that check-in also runs smoothly, here is an important request at the end:
Please have your tickets ready well (!) in advance of the caravan/tent sites to avoid a time-consuming search at check-in.

We wish everyone a relaxed journey and a peaceful festival!

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