Yagody (UKR)


Yagody (UKR)Yagody means ‘berries’ in Ukrainian. Founded in 2016 in the city of Lviv in western Ukrainian, their spontaneously announced name stuck. Yagody grew out of the theatre. Zoriana Dybovska gathered three like-minded women to perform traditional songs from their homeland and the region. Their songs are like love letters that haven’t arrived yet. And their stage show has a visuality which reflects their roots in theatre.

Vasylyna Voloshyn, voc, perc (am 5. Juli)
Zoriana Dybovska voc, perc (am 7. Juli)
Sofiia Leshyshak, voc, djembe;
Tetiana Voitiv, voc, tibet. schale, perc, drymba
Nadiia Parashchuk, voc, acc
Vadym Voitovych, b
Teimyraz Gogitidze, dr
Vasyl Parashchuk, cymbals

Photo: Tetiana Dzapharova