José Afonso: Wanderer Songs (POR)

José Afonso: Wanderer Songs

José Afonso: Wanderer Songs (POR)Wanderer Songs is a special show commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Portuguese Revolution as well as celebrating the re-issue of the José Afonso live show at the Lisbon Coliseu. Shortly after midnight on 25 April 1974, Rádio Renascença played Afonso’s banned song Grândola, Vila Morena (slang: ‘Grândola, swarthy town’). It signalled the start of the Revolução dos Cravos (‘Carnation Revolution’), the uprising which swept away the Salazar dictatorship. With musicians from Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, this concert celebrates the life and times of one of the greatest Portuguese artists of the 20th century, José ‘Zeca’ Afonso (1929–1987).
His son Pedro will come to the festival and take part in the artist talk in the library.

Photo: Jorge Fontes