Ukulele Death Squad (AUS)

Ukulele Death Squad

Ukulele Death Squad (AUS)This dynamic seven-piece folk band with Tarantino-esque influences from Adelaide, Australia, sometimes even smash up their ukuleles on stage. Their unconventional approach to the ukulele has wowed audiences worldwide since their formation in 2017. Their eclectic music borrows from various genres: flamenco, ska, folk, jazz, pop and rock – with plenty of dark humour thrown in for good measure. They blend “hardcore” ukulele with rich vocal harmonies, thumping rhythms, outrageous solos and sensual saxophone. With a punk rock attitude and a serious demeanour, the Ukulele Death Squad embarked on a much-anticipated post-pandemic tour of Australia and Europe in 2023 with new members, new music, and the same kind of mayhem that has earned them critical acclaim.