Ralf Gehler & Vivien Zeller (DEU)

Ralf Gehler & Vivien Zeller

Ralf Gehler & Vivien Zeller (DEU)Violinist Vivien Zeller and bagpiper Ralf Gehler are notable figures in the folk music scene, for example as part of the group Malbrook. Vivien Zeller’s journey into folk dancing began in her teenage years, a passion she continues to nurture as both a professional musician and an instrumental and dance instructor. Ralf Gehler has similarly translated his zeal into his career. With a background in ethnology, he now works at the Centre for Traditional Music at the Schwerin-Muess Open-Air Museum of Folklore – alongside his award-winning performances on stage. Together, they boast a huge repertoire of dance songs– and love to get their audiences moving.

Photo Manfred Fricke