Momi Maiga (SEN)

Momi Maiga

Momi Maiga (SEN)At 26, Momi Maiga is taking his Senegalese roots to international audiences. This talented singer and kora player blends ethnic jazz, Afrobeat and flamenco in his unique compositions. In late 2022, Momi released his debut album Nio, which means “soul” in his native Mandinka language. Alongside Catalan percussionist Aleix Tobias Sabater, the superb Marçal Ayats on cello, and Mexican violinist Carlos Montfort, Nio represents a vibrant ongoing cultural exchange. Their music is a fusion of transcontinental sounds and rhythms, creating a novel musical experience as Momi’s warm voice dances through the kora’s 22 strings. Fusion and emotion are the cornerstones of their energetic, heartfelt performances.

Photo Neus Solá