Magdalena Tejchma (POL)

Magdalena Tejchma
  • Fr / 04.00 pm / Bibliothek
    (Workshops / Vorträge)

Magdalena Tejchma (POL)More than 20 years have passed since the focus on Poland at the Rudolstadt-Festival. Since then, the Polish folk scene has undergone a huge transformation and has become one of the strongest and most interesting in Central and Eastern Europe. Polish Radio played a huge role in its promotion, having a special department devoted to folk and traditional music and organising the New Tradition festival since 1998. It is the place where almost all the artists who today constitute the Polish folk scene made their debut. Poland also became a country of a strong traditional music revival - the last village masters are still alive, having students from the city and the countryside. What were and what are now the most distinct/outstanding inspirations in Polish folk? What challenges does the traditional music face? How the folk music market and scene looks like? Let’s check on the eastern neighbours!
Magdalena Tejchma is a journalist, ethnomusicologist, producer, juror of festivals as well as music and phonographic competitions, co-organiser of the Nowa Tradycja festival and co-chairwoman of the EBU Folk Music Group.

Photo D. Naugolnik