La Gâpette (FRA)

La Gâpette

La Gâpette (FRA)class="English">Within the intimate setting of a bistro – a place mirroring life’s myriad shades – the six Breton musicians of La Gâpette draw their creative essence, crafting soul-stirring lyrics and a furious blend of musette, ska and Balkan pop. Adorned with their signature peaked caps – the gâpette – and playing guitar, double bass, banjo, saxophone, drums and accordion, they’ve been touring Europe for eight years. Their unique “Chanson Muzouche'n'Roll” has enthralled listeners at prestigious events, including the Montreux Jazz Festival, Stuttgart’s Summer Festival of Cultures, and the Sziget Festival in Budapest. La Gâpette has been nominated for the Folk Music Award Germany for their irresistible music echoing the legacy of the likes of Les Negresses Vertes and Manu Chao.

Photo: Nico M