JAMS (DEU)JAMS is one of the most internationally successful German folk bands with a long history. Founded in 1980 by Jo Meyer (bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, accordion), Michael Zimmermann (double bass) and Andy Wieczorek (the latter also known from Gundermann & Seilschaft). In the "Folkschmiede" Berlin/ Friedrichshain, JAMS was one of the most important East folk bands and after reunification one of the most important East-West folk bands. There were numerous tours through Europe and the USA. Initially, JAMS played many international folk styles, but now their repertoire is dominated by Low German lyrics and songs, although they continue to incorporate a wide variety of influences into their music. Then as now, they also play for dancing, with independent, unorthodox music for the head, stomach and feet. JAMS is a lively folk family, and even after long breaks, this strong band always finds its way back to each other - and to its audience.