Jamila & The Other Heroes (DEU)

Jamila & The Other Heroes

Jamila & The Other Heroes (DEU)“Drawing from our diverse family origins in Syria, Palestine, Italy, and Colombia, we travel and build a home in our music,” says Jamila Al-Yousef, lead vocalist of the Berlin-based band. Born to a Palestinian refugee father on the historic day the Berlin Wall came down, Jamila and the Heroes craft songs that narrate stories of diaspora life. They received an award for their music video “Border Syndrome” at the European Short Film Festival in 2022. Their sound, a vibrant blend of psychedelic guitar, fluid bass grooves, Afrobeat, hip hop, and dynamic drumming, underscores their ethos. The band’s philosophy is simple: “We can all be heroes! Let’s discover our superpowers and make the world a better place.”


Photo Pierre Beecroft