Iva Bittová (CZE)

Iva Bittová

Iva Bittová (CZE)Iva Bittová is the superchameleon. Of Czechoslovak, Hungarian and Roma bloodlines, the Moravian violin-vocal virtuosa, composer-improviser, and film actress has created music embracing jazz, rock, folk, Roma, classical and avant-garde genres. Rudolstadt has two separate programmes. The first, with her composer-musician son Antonín Fajt, is a chance to witness, first-hand, the extraordinary rapport and sound only blood relatives – and Iva and Toni – can create. The programme connects nature and silence and braids the music and poetry of Moravia with original compositions. For the second, Iva is performing with Slovakia’s prominent Mucha Quartet, founded in Bratislava in 2003. This programme is devoted to the composer Leoš Janáček (1854–1928) and the musical genre mixer-and-matcher’s song cycle Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs. (With bonus Bartókian Slovak Songs.) Multi-disciplinary, multi-genre, supremely original.