Divanhana (BIH)

Divanhana (BIH)class="English">The group Divanhana from Bosnia represent a vibrant new wave of musicians breathing fresh, new sounds into age-old Sevdah music. This genre, rooted in the urban folk traditions of Bosnia, carries a deep sense of melancholy and longing, enriched by the diverse musical heritage of Sinti and Roma, Turks, and Sephardic Jews. Sevdah songs, still sung today not only in Bosnia but across the Balkans, are emotive narratives of love, whether for a person, a region, a landscape or a city. Beyond the more familiar sounds of Balkan brass and pop, Divanhana (founded in 2009) are part of a flourishing folk movement centred in Sarajevo. They define their sound as an inventive fusion of jazz, folk, modern classical and pop.