David Lübke Trio (DEU)

David Lübke Trio

David Lübke Trio (DEU)class="English">David Lübke's knack for melding heartfelt and relatable, sincere songs with catchy tunes earned high praise from Ulrich Josten in Folker magazine. His arrangements are strongly influenced by Irish folk, country and bluegrass. Playing an aged guitar and a five-string banjo, this singer-songwriter from Hanover is flanked by Max Eisinger, a violinist from Munich, and Moritz Brümmer, a cellist based in Berlin. Lübke draws inspiration from Bob Dylan, Reinhard Mey, his own sojourns in Ireland, and experiences as a “songwriter on the road” from the Baltic Sea to Vienna and beyond. He left the jury of the Dieter Wasilke Folk Prize in Venne in 2022 thoroughly spellbound – a sentiment we wholeheartedly share!

Photo ©Markus Haft