Bukahara (DEU)


Bukahara (DEU)As soon as Bukahara strike up with their eclectic blend of Balkan sounds, folk, pop, swing and Arabic influences, there’s an immediate party atmosphere! The four band members first met while studying jazz in Cologne. Bukahara began with the arrival of Syrian-Palestinian percussionist Ahmed Eid on the Rhine in 2009 after his classical music studies in Lübeck. Lead vocalist and guitarist Soufian Zoghlami, of Tunisian descent, is the primary songwriter. They're joined by the supremely talented Swiss violinist Daniel Avi Schneider and the Münster-born jazz trombonist Max von Einem, whose brass-playing is nothing short of phenomenal. With the band continually evolving their sonic palette and expression, there are several other instruments on stage. This band is all about fun!

Photo ©Rheinproduktiv