Alicia Edelweiss (AUT)

Alicia Edelweiss

Alicia Edelweiss (AUT)class="English">The Austrian-British musician Alicia Edelweiss crafts an extraordinary brand of folk music. At the age of 19, she left Klagenfurt and spent two years hitchhiking across Europe. Discovering her passion for music, she soon became a busker, starting off on the guitar. Her 2012 debut album I Should Have Been Overproduced drew significant inspiration from the anti-folk scene in New York. While in Portugal, she took up the accordion, which quickly became her trademark. In her quirky stage shows, which she usually performs in a trio with a cellist and violinist, she integrates elements of the circus and theatre. Now back in Vienna at the age of 32, Alicia Edelweiss remains endlessly inquisitive about exploring new avenues for performance and storytelling.

Photo: Vivi Dybowski