The Euroradio Folk Festival in Rudolstadt

You don’t change a winning team, do you!

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is proud and honoured to remain at the heart of Germany’s world famous Rudolstadt Festival. Once again this year, the Euroradio Folk Festival (EFF) will be part of this wonderful festival, showcasing some of the most exciting bands and artists from Europe, selected by public service radios. They come from Austria, Czechia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Wales, all reflecting the diverse and buoyant Folk music scene in Europe today.

And there’s more: thanks to a unique technical set-up put in place by Host and EBU Member MDR, all EFF performances at Rudolstadt are recorded and made available to other member radio organizations, as part of the Euroradio concert exchanges. Music enthusiasts all over Europe will hear the best traditional and roots music around, through radio programmes.

Music does not need language and it can bring peoples of different cultures and backgrounds together. It says something important, it shows we can treasure our own traditions, but also renew and enrich them.

Welcome to the 43rd Euroradio Folk Festival! Welcome to the Rudolstadt-Festival!

Laurent Marceau
European Broadcasting Union
Editor, Live Music & Projects, Popular Music