Altes Rathaus 13.00 - Holger „HoBo“ Daub: Mouth Harp-Workshop
For anyone young or old interested in the mouth harp and its techniques, this workshop is a festival must. Holger „HoBo“ Daub is here to teach you how to howl like a freight train or mew like an alley cat kitten on this versatile free-reed instrument.

Altes Rathaus 15.00 -
Christoph Lambertz & David Saam: Im Frühtau zu Berge … – Lieder wandern!
Immigrant songs in the true sense of the word and songs from elsewhere that have enriched the
German folksong repertoire. This workshop will teach us a few to sing along to and will plant a few
song-seeds that’ll grow in our heads and hearts.


Bibliothek 16.00 - Magdalena Tejchma: What’s Happening in the State of Poland?
More than 20 years have passed since the focus on Poland at the Rudolstadt-Festival. Since then, the Polish folk scene has undergone a huge transformation and has become one of the strongest and most interesting in Central and Eastern Europe. Polish Radio played a huge role in its promotion, having a special department devoted to folk and traditional music and organising the New Tradition festival since 1998. It is the place where almost all the artists who today constitute the Polish folk scene made their debut. Poland also became a country of a strong traditional music revival - the last village masters are still alive, having students from the city and the countryside. What were and what are now the most distinct/outstanding inspirations in Polish folk? What challenges does the traditional music face? How the folk music market and scene looks like? Let’s check on the eastern neighbours!
Magdalena Tejchma is a journalist, ethnomusicologist, producer, juror of festivals as well as music and phonographic competitions, co-organiser of the Nowa Tradycja festival and co-chairwoman of the EBU Folk Music Group.

Altes Rathaus 17.00 - Ralf Gehler & Vivien Zeller: Schottisch-Walzer-Poloness
A workshop for instrumentalists wishing to learn to play traditional German dance tunes.



Altes Rathaus 13.00 - Christoph Lambertz & David Saam: Im Frühtau zu Berge …
(Similar to FRIDAY)


Bibliothek 14.00 - Christian Loos: Schlaglichter zur Musikgeschichte des Wandervogels und der Jugendbewegung"
This German Youth Movement was a phenomenon both cherished and strangely forgotten. The Youth
Music Movement played a vital role and Christian Loos is going to give us insights into this cultural
phenomenon’s story and enduring vitality and purpose to this day.


Altes Rathaus 15.00 - Simon Wascher: Groovig musizieren - Der Rhythmische Raum
Feelin’ groovy? Or would you like to, but don’t yet know how? Simon Wascher’s workshop will teach you groovy cats the groovy basics so you can go out equipped to groove right! All instruments, including vocal chords, most welcome!


Bibliothek 16.30 William Boehart: Der Klang der blauen Gitarre
Looking outside in, William Boehart, an American living in Germany, reads from his book (in German). The Sound of the Blue Guitar is an odyssey through the Sixties, with sex & drugs & rock’n’roll, anti-war protests, squatting, seeing things alternatively…and a small town in Schleswig-Holstein and a swastika. A history that refuses to fade away.


Altes Rathaus 17.00 - Ralf Gehler & Vivien Zeller: Schottisch-Walzer-Poloness
(Similar to FRIDAY)


Bibliothek 11.00 - Ulrike Zöller: Schottisch, Scotisi und Ecossaise
The schottische is the festival’s dance of the 2024. Ulrike Zöller recalls its fascinating evolution from a hot court dance that took Europe by storm and became a social and country dance as popular today as it ever was.


Altes Rathaus 12.00 - Tautumeitas: The Songs of Girls’ Adornment and Jubilation
Spring into early summer is when the ‘sap’ rises (and not only in trees). The air is warm, mornings are crisp, and voices carry. Historically, boys listened to the voices of girls to find their bride-to-be. And single girls could sing along with joyfully their sisters. That’s how Latvia’s splendid and harmoniously unusual polyphonic songs of jubilation came about. In this special workshop Tautumeitas’s Asnate Rancāne, Aurēlija Rancāne and Laura Līcīte will explain, demonstrate and teach some of this unique Latvian tradition’s gorgeous sister-sing-along songs. ‘Rotā, rotā’ (‘Adorn, adorn’).


Bibliothek 13.00 - Gunnar Leue: Der Sound of Football
An often dismissed tradition of taunts, chants and club anthems (such as Liverpool FC and Borussia Dortmund’s You’ll Never Walk Alone), singing football stars and professional marketing. Journalist and collector Gunnar Leue will tell you how the Beautiful Game got its voice and the story of one of the ‘most invisible’ cultural traditions of modern times.


Altes Rathaus 14.00 - Sunda Lugina Tarawangsa Rancacalong: A Javanese Trance RitualA sacred ritual from a faraway land. The tarawangsa chordophone and the kacapi zither lead singers and dancers in a ritual of devotion to the Rice Goddess Nyimas Pohaci. Tarawangsa is the instrument but also the combination of two or the ritual it is played for. The source of the Sundanese term ‘tarawangsa’ is debated. One delightful theory is that is comes from a combination of three words. Ta is an acronym for meta signifying ‘movement’; + ra = ‘great fire’ or ‘the sun’; + wangsa, a synonym for ‘nation’. ‘Ta-Ra-Wangsa’ therefore translates as ‘the story of the life of the sun nation’. As a symbol of gratitude to the Almighty, this is the artistry of welcoming the rice harvest. And everything depends on the sun. The ensemble will explain about it before performing
a shortened 2-hour version of the ritual at 18.30 in park’s Bauernhäuser area.


Altes Rathaus 16.00 - Henhouse Prowlers: Bluegrass Ambassadors
The Henhouse Prowlers’ experiences with people and musicians across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East have shaped their worldview. They have also inspired them bridge cultural gaps with music, educational programmes and workshops. Using traditional American music as a foundation connecting folk music, customs and history the world over, the Prowlers incorporate international elements into their already distinctive repertoire of unique traditional American music.