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Veronika Vítová (CZE)

Veronika Vítová

Veronika Vítová (CZE)The story goes Prague-born Veronika Vítová was 28 when she saw the (jazz) light and decided to turn her life upside down. She went on to study jazz vocals at a conservatory, founded an unaccompanied sextet, and sang guest vocals on recordings for the magus of mischief, Vladimír Mišík and the Moravian folk-and-beyond group Hradišťan. Nowadays she’s singing with a big band and ensembles with modern classical or Early Music repertoires. Veronika Vítová’s showing another side of her versatility in Rudolstadt. She’s sticking to self-penned songs, mixing up her medicine of jazz with touches of popular music (and a hint of classical).

Photo Katerina Bibrlikova