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Oscar Ibáñez & Tribo (ESP)

Oscar Ibáñez & Tribo (ESP)Galicia in the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula is home to an extraordinary musical culture. Milladoiro, Carlos Núñez, Fía na Roca or Mercedes Peón are names to conjure with, and members of Oscar Ibáñez’s band have done distinguished service in their ranks. Born in Pontevedra in 1976, Oscar Ibáñez and Tribo (‘Tribe’) are writing a fresh chapter in Galician music. Through gaita (bagpipes) one can trace a line from the 13th Century Cantigas de Santa Maria (‘Canticles of Holy Mary’) in medieval Galician-Portuguese to the music of Oscar Ibáñez & Tribo. They are the living ginger of contemporary Galician folk music.

Photo Sabela Souto