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Krakauer and Tagg's Good Vibes Explosion (USA)

Krakauer and Tagg's Good Vibes Explosion (USA)class="English">World-class clarinettist David Krakauer and producer Kathleen Tagg present a hand-picked, eclectic, international crew for their project Good Vibes Explosion. Iranian frame drummer Martin Shamoonpour is joined by jazz luminary Jerome Harris, celebrated for his mastery of the five-string semi-acoustic bass. They’re complemented by electric guitarist Brad Shepik as well as soul and rap singer Sarah Mk. Anchoring the ensemble are New York-based composer Kathleen Tagg, contributing her skills on keyboard and accordion, and klezmer maestro David Krakauer. Together, they forge a “musical celebration of our shared humanity” (D.Krakauer /K.Tagg).

Photo Remi Hostekind