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Hotel Palindrone (AUT)

Hotel Palindrone

Hotel Palindrone (AUT)A bunch of Austrian finest with backgrounds in rock, jazz, folk and a joint love of drone and dance music formed Hotel Palindrone in 1995. 25 years on they are making their entrance as the ambassadors of the Alpestan Republic. It’s a playful, freedom-loving place where diverse musical cultures meet and mingle without prejudice…where music right is [a] human right.

Solo pur Albin Paulus revealing another side of his musical mischief making. Here to play with your festival minds like a vocal pinwheel shooting sparks of yodel, world and early music, acoustic techno… Looking cool on wobblephone and ‘Paulus vocator’, jew’s harp (khomus), bagpipes… Look out for him in Der Flug der Liebe and Hotel Palindrone. PS Albin Paulus Pur is the title of his 2019 album.