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Fofftein (DEU)


Fofftein (DEU)Famed on the international festival circuit, Jörg Ermisch, Rainer Prüss, Holger Novak and Jochen Wiegandt are north Germans, three of whom once played together in the Liederjan folk group. Reunited as fofftein, they sing a cappella, sometimes accompanied by just a concertina. Their repertoire navigates through the classics of Hans Albers and Gorch Fock, the wit of Kurt Tucholsky, and their own lyrics – and is performed on ships and in churches, in sacred and profane venues alike. Between songs, they regale the audience with humorous banter in their native north German dialect. The word 'fofftein', Low German for fifteen, means taking a break – but for these four, it means belting out song after song without a break!