Dowdelin (FRA)


Dowdelin (FRA)class="English">Founded in 2016, Dowdelin have developed a distinctive transatlantic sound, blending Creole lyrics and Caribbean rhythms with urban energy and smooth electronics. The French quartet’s music is a rich tapestry incorporating gwo-ka from Guadeloupe, biguine from Martinique, dancehall, jazz, R&B and West African grooves. When producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist David Kiledjian, alias Dawatile, first met singer Olivya, who brings her Martinique heritage into the mix, they initially wrote songs exclusively in English. However, they soon felt compelled to explore further, leading Olivya to sing in Creole. Dowdelin stand out for their bold integration of genres and cultures, marrying the traditional with the contemporary in a colourful blend.

Photo JP Giminez