Almquartett (AUT)


Almquartett (AUT)In Austria’s we find four master musicians exploring and negotiating the interface of folk populism and high art. These boundaries are – and probably always have been – far more permeable than some purists of either camp would care to admit. Examples include Alpine regional dances and yodels in Mozart’s German Dances. They surface as motifs from the Baroque and Classical periods and, bringing it all back home, snaked their way into folk music. Which is then again the basis for the duo Haertel-Wascher to intone a collection of traditional Austrian dance music as an improvised music of the here and now.

Franziska Fleischanderl, hackb, salterio
Hermann Haertel, viol
Simon Wascher, drehl
Anton Burger, viol, vla, voc

Photo: Stefan Mussil